Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Iran and Hillary Clinton

[Updated]* In what can only be classed as the ultimate amoral, inhuman (and ultimately cynical) statement by an American leader, (that even beats any statement hitherto made by any of the neo-liberals in the George Bush stable) Senator Clinton claimed yesterday that she would obliterate Iran if it launched a nuclear strike against Israel. This horrifying threat implies that she is willing to incinerate 70 million innocent Iranian citizens (and one of the oldest civilisations in the world) whose only fault lies in the fact that they have the misfortune of being ruled by a bunch of crazy mullahs. Imagine if FDR had taken this position in World War II to obliterate Germany for the action of one Adolf Hitler who was responsible directly or indirectly, for the deaths of more that 70 million people. That was a time when America was considered a savior and an example to the free world. The times, they are a-changing. The Iraq debacle will look like a picnic in the park, if Senator Clinton's scenario comes to pass. Will future generations then consider Iran or the United States to be the 'evil empire' ? One presumes that all this is for the dubious privilege of perhaps attracting a few Jewish voters. * I was happy to see at least some domestic (i.e American) critics of the above statement of Hillary Clinton, in the Boston Globe. She is called Hillary Strangelove.

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OAK said...

Hello Rahul, thank you for your insightful blog. US media tends to turn everything into binary. But what Hillary may be saying is that, to get elected, she is prepared to obliterate tens of millions in the future. She needs the votes. Her obliteration is bigger than their obliteration. But you know, politicians never keep their promises, do they? That is the silver lining here. May Obama bring change through non-obliteration.