Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Mighty Corporations

Drug Companies and Doctors -- From the New York Review: A Story of Corruption -- written by Marcia Angell, Editor of the New England Journal of Medicine who has written extensively on these issues in the past, including in the NYRB.

A Chill on the Guardian: How a Corporation can throttle the Media through Libel Laws -- written by Alan Rusbridger, Editor of the Guardian.

Pakistan in Peril -- not a corporation but a country...William Dalrymple's chilling review of Ahmed Rashid's book Descent into Chaos.

Note that these are free to read for a limited time only, on the net. You may require a subscription, subsequently.


AmOK said...

Thanks for the links. The really scary one is the Pakistan situation. Do the Taliban actually deliver any value anywhere? Corporations do supply goods or services, for example petrol for your car and drugs for illnesses, while doing some unethical things at the same time. What do the Taliban deliver -- and I mean on this earth, not heaven.

sunder and sonati said...

Read the stories: all of them scary, and what is most scary is the impunity with which corporations/groups do things and the way it seems widespread, almost integrated into the fabric of our society.

Dissent is always difficult, and paid for in various ways. The problem now is that dissent is becoming "unaffordable" except for the extremists.