Monday, March 9, 2009

Jon Stewart takes on Rick Santelli

One of Jon Stewart's best performances - (via 3 quarks daily and Huffington Post).

A bit of background for those who might not know the context. Rick Santelli, the ranting reporter from the business news channel CNBC came down like a ton of bricks on Obama's attempt to pass on some of the money from the stimulus passage to thousands and thousands of poor home-owners who were facing foreclosure. He wonders why tax payers would want to pay for the mortgages of these 'losers' who didn't see the portents and who want now the tax payer to pay for that extra bedroom or for doing up the bathroom. Never mind the fact that the sinking corporations were given billions of prop-up money which they went through like a shark going through a baby's flesh.

Jon Stewart takes up cudgels on behalf of the beleagured home owners and wipes the floor with Rick Santelli. See it here.


Niket said...

I still eagerly await for full episodes to be uploaded on Since the net traffic is heavy on IITM campus until midnight, 12:30 to 1 am is my Daily Show time :-)

BTW, absolutely dig your restaurant info. I have stopped going to restaurants in Chennai without first visiting your site.

AmOK said...

Do not miss this. Watch the other parts too.

Rahul Basu said...

Niket: Unfortunately I don't find much time to update the Eating Out Guide. Updating my blog and of course doing the work that I am actually paid to do :) takes up all my time. But you could try a new restaurant Bar-b-que Nation (on G. N. Chetty Road, assuming you are not a vegetarian) and also the new Taj Mount Road's Sat/Sun sea food brunch. I will include these by and by in my Eating out Guide.