Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Caught in the censors' web

As visitors to this blog might have noticed, I have a little javascript running at the bottom with a map of the world showing all the connections made to this site from different cities. (There is even a site meter just below which gives more information, if you are interested).

For the last few weeks, I have noticed that the large number of orange dots that used to appear from China have all (and I mean all) disappeared. Since it is unlikely that all readers of this blog have simultaneously lost interest in it, there is clearly one explanation: this site has been caught by the Chinese censors, no doubt because of the large number of Chinese/Tibet/N Ram posts that have appeared.

One can but take some little pride in having succeeded in needling the Chinese authorities. Of course, it could well be just some automated censor which is responsible. There go my hopes of a visit to China....


AmOK said...

Yes! I thought the Head Censor was someone else stringing along in your group of readers. The Chinese take the cake. Looks like you have finally hit China where it hurts! Well done, OLO of Sitemetering.

Anant said...

OLO: you may have a state visit to Taiwan instead?!