Sunday, July 25, 2010

Rahul's Recipes - a new blog!

Some of you may know that I have a Eating Out Guide to Chennai and so I have a more than moderate interest in food. (No, I am NOT a foodie -- I hate that term which out here stands for a hack reporter poorly informed, making the rounds of the local restaurants at some newspaper's expense, and writing inane and pointless information free articles in bad English pretending to be a review.) Over the last almost 25 years (well, ok, never mind my age!) I have collected recipes from all kinds of sources -- parents, aunts, friends, restaurants, books, newspapers -- and have often written them up or cut and pasted (physically, not digitally) in my recipe scrap book. They date all the way back from the time I was thrown into the graduate student world of a US university and had to fend for myself. I have decided to share some of these with the rest of the world -- out of the generosity of my heart :-) but also as a convenient repository of this somewhat eclectic collection. Just to belabour the obvious -- this will not be a restaurant guide for which you will have to consult the site mentioned above, but just a recipe repository. (I will try to update about once a week). Do try them out and let me know how well they work. I should confess that I have tried out about 80% of the recipes (and those work!) but I won't tell you which 20% is untried and untested. Have fun! The link is here and on the right.

I should clarify that these will not be standard recipes copied from Tarla Dalals and Sanjeev Kapoors or even my favourite -- Madhur Jaffrey. Apart from copyright issues, most people have access to such sources and so I will only give you recipes that I have discovered in long lost magazine issues (with proper attribution if available) or out of print books or other sources or by word of mouth.


AmOK said...

(Parentheticaly: Interesting that my WORD VERIFICATION showed up as FOODE -- this bodes well)

OGO (O Gormandizing O) - thank you for the cheesecake and other healthful foods you will continue to tempt us with. YHG (Y H Gluttons).

Anant said...

OLO: thank you for the new web-site. Also the layout is so much more relaxed than the austere get up of AIP. Looking forward to a vicarious life reading those recipes. Yhs

Rahul Basu said...

Anant: Why vicarious? Surely you can actually try out these recipes. I guarantee you none of them will be too complicated. I don't 'do' recipes that take hours.

Amok: Surely, Sir, you mean Y H Gourmet....

Anant said...

According to Wiki:

A gourmand is a person who takes great pleasure in food. The word has different connotations from the similar word gourmet, which emphasises an individual with a highly refined discerning palate, but in practice the two terms are closely linked, as both imply the enjoyment of good food.

An older usage of the word is to describe a person given to excess in the consumption of food and drink, synonymous with "glutton."

Maybe AmOK actually means to say Gourmand?

AmOK said...

Anant, we must be careful not to rise too high above our HUMBLE stations in life nor give ourselves undue airs in front of the LO (or in this case GO). Gourmet/gourmand are much to high for us, the HS. Just as we greedily consume the wisdom of LO, so we greedily consume the cookings of GO. Properly explained, then, gluttony seems a more robust and effective description of our continuous and never-ending hunger. OLO please guide us, YHS.

gaddeswarup said...

Fascinating article on food:
(via 3quarksdaily)