Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Rahul Basu (04/03/1956-05/03/2011)

Because he lived, next door a child
To see him coming often smiled,
And thought him her devoted friend
Who gladly gave her coins to spend.

Because he lived, a neighbor knew
A clump of tall delphiniums blue
And oriental poppies red
He'd given for a flower bed.

 Because he lived, a man in need
Was grateful for a kindly deed
And ever after tried to be
As thoughtful and as fine as he.

       Because he lived, ne'er great or proud
       Or known to all the motley crowd,
       A few there were whose tents were pitched
       Near his, who found their lives enriched.

 `Because he lived',  Edgar A. Guest.

This blog post is by Neelima Gupte and Sumathi Rao.


Meena said...

enriched - so appropriate a word here.

Neelima said...

Meena, since you liked the poem, I posted the rest of it. It is also very appropriate.

Meena said...

Lovely poem. And yes, so fitting ...

AmOK said...

He continues to be missed and celebrated - and so aptly.