Wednesday, September 24, 2014

MoM's made it to Mars

(A view from the ground. Curiosity Rover picture  (NASA via Scientific American))

First map of Mars,  Giovanni Schiaparelli,  (1888)
The Mangalyaan has safely made it to the Mars orbit, dead on time and with no glitches. We join the nation and PM Modi, (natty in a red Nehru jacket),  in congratulating the ISRO scientists on  success in a difficult mission. We take particular pride in the number of women we saw in the mission control room (on our TV screens, of course!). It was a good start to Wednesday morning, which has now become the Mangalvaar.

More soon, it is a working day after all. In any case ISRO has said it all on it's twitter page  here, an admirable job by their PR team, in publicising the sterling work done by their scientists.

This blog post by Neelima Gupte and Sumathi Rao.

First pic here.

One more.

Dust storm!

A 3-d picture.



Mountains and valleys.

The photo top left shows Elysium, the largest volcanic region of Mars, the bottom right shows the mountains and canyons, Mount Olympus, no less.

MoM's quite the chatterbox, and has lots of friends up there (Five orbiters, two rovers  and a flyby, hope we counted everyone).
They are not all as talkative!

06/03/2015. Crater of Arsia Mons (L) Valles Marineris Canyon (R)

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Congratulations to the team! Remarkable indeed.