Monday, September 29, 2008

Love and Hate

Another day and another bomb blast in Delhi. This time a young child of 11 or so, killed because he tried to return the package the motorcyclists had dropped. How much hate do these people carry within themselves, that they are willing to kill, maim and orphan people they have never seen, who have done them no harm? If their fight is with the state, why don't they pick someone their own size? The Delhi Police, in its new found efficient avatar has immediately declared, even before it seems all the evidence is in, that this is a different (apparently Bangladeshi) group. Of course by their lights it has to be, after all they killed the 'mastermind' Atif (or was it Sadiq, I can no longer remember all the 'masterminds') and eliminated the Indian Mujaheddin (IM) 'module". Some more people have been arrested, and everything is back to normal, till the next blast. Mr L. K. Advani has reiterated that Manmohan Singh is our weakest Prime Minister ever. (Correct me if I am wrong, but haven't we heard this from LKA not once but several times over -- has his speech writer gone on vacation or is he no longer able to save any of his new speeches since his disk is full??). In the meantime (and a less depressing environment) just as we were all praise for the contrast that a dignified Dr Manmohan Singh presented in his meeting with Sarah Palin, with that of a gushing and breathless Asif Zardari, Sardar Saheb has gone and declared, on our behalf, our deep and abiding love for George W. Bush. What is it about Dr Singh that in the presence of George Bush, the normally dignified and reticent PM turns all mushy and emotional?

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AMOK said...

Manmohan Singh must be using the American "love". As such, "I love candy", "I love California", "I love this movie" and of course "I love Bush" means that candy, California, movie, Bush each satisfied certain needs of this person. It would have been much worse had Dr. Singh said "affection and respect". Then he would be loyal and want to BE like Bush. This would be a bigger problem.