Friday, October 3, 2008

The net and the ArXiv

For an interesting overview of the development of the internet, the web and the attendant repositories like the ArXiv from an academician's point of view, take a look at this interesting article by Paul Ginsparg, the 'father' of the Cornell (earlier Los Alamos) arxiv. Update: My friend Ananthanarayan pointed me to this article on Paul Ginsparg, dating from 2001. You may not be able to download it if you are not a subscriber, but the following paragraph points out that it was Spenta Wadia whose complaints about too many preprints flooding his mailbox led him to think of a central repository -- so there seems to be an Indian connection in the genesis of the arxiv server. In June 1991, at the Aspen Center for Physics in Colorado, Ginsparg overheard physicist Spenta Wadia of the Tata Institute in India fret about the e-mailed preprints that flooded his disk while he was away. Realizing that it would be much more efficient to circulate only the abstracts and archive the full papers, Ginsparg spent that afternoon at the Aspen gym working out an automated preprint archiving and distribution system. He wrote the code later that month and opened the server in August.

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